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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

A rewarding day at nursery takes place around a timetable which sees to your child’s every need. We provide an environment enhanced by high-quality facilities and experienced practitioners, allowing children to reach their full potential. From free play to creative activities, curriculum learning to mealtimes and rest, we set everything up to let your child thrive in their time with us.

Our experienced team of nursery professionals will look after your child’s happiness and welfare at all times, paying attention to their progress and giving them additional support if necessary. We help children to maximise this precious time in the run-up to full-time education. This includes encouraging their individual interests, blossoming skills and particular talents.

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Drop off

We understand that you want to feel reassured about how your child is spending their time and the level of care that they’ll receive. This is why we set up a seamless morning drop-off process, where your child will be welcomed into the facility under the guidance of their assigned key worker and you can raise any discussion points. Let us know if there’s anything that may affect their day.

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Play time

Children become emotionally and socially advanced when they have the chance to explore their creativity and imagination together. Our play sessions help them to do just this, forming new bonds and getting to know their own interests along the way. Our resources and equipment add value to every experience, from reading to music, games to sports.

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Your child will enjoy a healthy, hearty meal every day at Highfield, from breakfast to dinner and tea. We also give them snacks of fruit and milk with main meals. Our menu includes a selection of tasty dishes which include curries and casseroles. Mealtimes are for socialising too!

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Our educational sessions follow the Early Years Framework, covering core areas including communication, literacy, language, physical and emotional development, social skills, and arts. Attention is given to different abilities and requirements throughout. We encourage children to share their thoughts with the group, which helps them learn how to listen to others too.

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Outdoor learning

The outdoor world is so rewarding for children. Not only can regular time outside promote good physical and emotional health, it helps to stimulate creativity and imagination and teaches children key social skills. Their adventures will be supervised throughout and we allow them access to resources which add value to play, facilitating new discoveries at every turn.

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Sleep & rest

When children are well rested, they see the world with renewed enthusiasm. This enhances their learning and allows them the energy to properly interact. Our sleep areas are set up to provide adequate rest for each age group, giving well-timed respite from the excitement of the day. This break usually follows lunch, but we can follow other routines if required.

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Pick up

Our handover is set up to give you the peace of mind that your child has had a rewarding day. Our team members will be ready to answer any questions you may have as they give you a full update. You’ll discover what your child has been up to that day, what they’ve learnt and how they’ve interacted with others. All that’s left to do is look forward to the next thrilling day.

Our teaching methods

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Purposeful play

When children play, they use their creative abilities to learn in exciting new ways. We ensure that they make the most of this time.

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Inspired learning

Children’s imagination is unlocked when they’re amazed by what they learn, so their passion for education blossoms.

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Group sessions

When children share experiences, it allows them to develop empathy, compassion, respect and self-confidence.

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