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Mi Child 3662631

Highfield Nursery

155 Highfield Road

Mon to Fri

7:30am - 6pm


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We are rated 10 by Day Nurseries.

Parents love the efforts we put into preparing for school, along with our extensive and enjoyable activities. We’re also commended for our attention to each child’s requirements, our outdoor space, and the regular updates and photos of children’s days with us.

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Our goal is to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

We inspire children to own their differences and be confident about what they bring to the world. With tailored support and strong delivery of the curriculum, we help your child to have the best start in life. Our goal is for children to feel excited by what they can achieve.

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A day filled with activities and fun.

We provide a thrilling daily schedule of activities which let children feel free to go where their imagination takes them. We lead a range of indoor and outdoor activities, free play, physical games and creative sessions. Children spend their time with us full of curiosity and wonder.

Food at Highfield Nursery

See what your child will eat at our Nursery.

Health & Safety

We take child safety very seriously.

Take a peek inside Highfield Nursery

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We believe nurseries are more important than ever before.

The years before school are highly significant to children’s development and the way they will go on to interact with the world around them. We help children to form friendships, build their motor skills and find out what makes them unique. We cover all areas of learning and ensure that core subjects are introduced in a way which gives every child the best start to their education.

We invest in staff who are passionate and dedicated, so that they can help lead us into the future of childcare. With ongoing training and development, we help our employees to fulfil their own potential, stay with us throughout a rewarding career and deliver the best possible early years services. Be assured that your child will be in safe and highly capable hands with our teams.

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