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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

Just like you, we want every day at nursery to be valuable to your child. We make this our first commitment at Stepping Stones, so that your child gets as much enjoyment as possible and develops to the best of their potential. We’ve created a schedule which caters for every need, personality and ability, which helps every child to move confidently towards full-time education

Our highly-qualified team of nursery professionals are committed to helping your child to feel safe, reassured and encouraged. We’ll guide them through the day comfortably so that they can integrate into the nursery environment and learn how to interact with the world around them. From pick-up to drop-off, we’ll have their every requirement covered – you'll see the proof in their progress.


Drop off

A good morning routine sets the day off in the best way possible, so we’ve optimised this to make sure your child is ready for what’s ahead. We want you to leave feeling satisfied that your child is in the best hands, so we take the time to greet you in the morning and discuss anything which may impact the day ahead. If your child slept badly or they have good news to share, we’d love to know.


Play time

The power of play is evident when the inspiration of recreation carries over into formal learning. Your child’s potential can be harnessed in many ways, so we provide a safe space for them to explore their imagination and interact with each other during exciting adventures. Our team of professionals will supervise at all times and provide additional resources.



A well-fed child is a happy, healthy and capable child, so we provide delicious meals to help them gather energy for the next exciting session. This is also an opportunity to continue interacting with each other, so our nursery team members will sit with them to lead discussions as they eat. Our sample menu includes soups, pastas and casseroles, with healthy snacks.



We adhere to the Early Years Framework in everything we teach to children, following core areas such as communication, literacy, language, mathematics, physical development, arts and design. Our schedule of morning and afternoon sessions are designed to help your child learn as much as possible at a speed which suits them. We encourage their contributions throughout.


Outdoor learning

Outdoor play is crucial for children’s health, happiness and intellectual growth. It allows them to create adventures, marvel at nature and interact with each other in new and exciting ways. We provide high-quality equipment such as sand pits, pools and sports accessories to assist their time in the outside world. As always, they will be fully supervised at all times.


Sleep & rest

In among all of the exciting experiences and new areas of learning, your child has to take time out from any stimulation to renew their energy. We set up cosy, peaceful sleep areas which are suitable for each age group, so that they can approach the next phase of their day with refreshed enthusiasm. We can keep this time flexible if you would like us to keep to your child’s routine.


Pick up

As each day comes to an end, all that’s left for us to do is let you know what your child has been doing, how they’ve progressed and who they’ve formed new bonds with. We can go over any areas of concern, if any, so that we can work on finding solutions together. If you have any questions at all, just ask. After that we’ll see you on your way and your child’s excitement can speak for itself.

Our teaching methods

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Purposeful play

Play time isn’t just about taking a break. We encourage your child to keep learning and developing during recreation.

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Inspired learning

When children’s imaginations run free, wonderful things happen. We find those moments of magic where curiosity thrives.


Group sessions

Time in the shared nursery environment is crucial to children’s emotional and social development as they interact together.

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