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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

Just like you, we want your child to love every day at nursery. At Rosebuds, we help them to do exactly that. Our daily schedule of activity has been created to cater for a range of little personalities, helping every child to get the most out of their time. Our team are highly-qualified in leading valuable sessions of learning and play, all day long.

We've thought of everything to make each moment count, from morning to afternoon. We’ll guide your child into the nursery environment as they arrive, feed them nourishing meals, provide time and space for rest and ensure that they full enjoy the learning experience. We’ll always be available to talk through their progress at the end of each day, or answer any questions.



Your designated team member will be on hand to greet you and your child each morning. This is your time to discuss anything which will impact or benefit their time with us that day, so we’ll be listening if you wish to let us know about something. This could be related to how they slept or what they did the day before. We’ll then help your child to integrate into the setting comfortably.


Play time

Our activities bring imagination to life, inspiring fun and creativity to aid your child’s happiness, health and development. Continuous provision lets your child explore learning at their own pace. We set up the time for them to freely enjoy our resources and play areas, under our supervision. This could involve indoor or outdoor play, games, reading, crafts and more.



Always an exciting time. Every child will be served a delicious, nourishing meal during our set break times each day. Our sample menu includes fish cakes and casserole, with healthy snacks to complete their nutrition. Our meal sessions also have the benefit of allowing the children to socialise, with our team sitting beside them to oversee interactions.



Our focused learning is planned to ensure that each session helps children to develop as much as possible, at a speed they’re comfortable with. For younger age groups, this can include, for example, teaching them new shapes and colours, while older children will learn about curriculum areas such as communication and numeracy. Languages and physical activity are included too.


Outdoor learning

We believe it’s important to let children get comfortable in the outside world. Not only is this time in the fresh air good for their health, it promotes good mental wellbeing and stimulates physical development. It can help with their confidence and social skills too. We designate outdoor sessions for each age group, under our full supervision.


Sleep & rest

Your child will be at their happiest and healthiest when they’ve had adequate rest. We provide special sleep areas which allow little ones to enjoy peace and quiet, gathering energy for the next exciting session. Taking this time, at an interval which suits their needs, leaves children more receptive to learning and ready to enjoy their day to its fullest.



Our nursery team will fill you in on everything your child has been doing at the need of each day. As your child is returned to you for home time, we’ll give you the full picture of their daily activities, development and behaviour, informing you about any important details. Your handover will be complete once you are happy, so if there’s anything you need to know, just ask.

Our teaching methods

Small 1

Purposeful play

Our approach to play is that it should be just as valuable as formal learning. We make sure every child gets value from recreation.

Small 2

Inspired learning

We allow curiosity and imagination to develop at every opportunity, letting magic grow in all the spaces of the day.

Small 3

Group sessions

Children flourish when they communicate meaningfully with others. We help them to share a wonderful experience, together.

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