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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

Each day at Newhouse Nursery is designed to be as fulfilling as possible, enriching your child’s early learning experience. We’ve created a timetable of activities which will help children to thrive as they get to know the world around them, in these crucial pre-school years. Our highly-trained team will facilitate this, closely monitoring progress and protecting your child’s welfare.

We want your child to develop as much as they can while feeling healthy and happy, from morning to afternoon. Our schedule covers all of their needs from drop-off to pick-up, incorporating mealtimes, rest, free play, creative activities and core learning. We can be flexible to cater for different routines and we’ll always work to each child’s individual needs in every session.

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Drop off

You should feel reassured about where your child spends their time, how they spend it and who they spend it with. That’s why we welcome you into the facility just as we do the children, so that you can feel comfortable with the surroundings and build a relationship with our nursery team. Let us know anything which will help your child’s day to go more smoothly before you go about your day.

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Play time

Children’s confidence and social abilities blossom during play time. These are important sessions for allowing them to explore their interests and strengths, form new friendships and grow emotional connections. Our environment is built for thrilling adventures, with high-quality resources which add value and help to bring imagination to life.

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Children can relax and refuel in each other’s company during our set mealtimes, covering breakfast, lunch and tea. Eating tasty dishes such as casseroles, pies and fish cakes, your child will be encouraged to participate in open discussions led by the nursery team.

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The educational value of nursery cannot be understated, as young minds start to form new ideas and perceptions of the world around them. We cover a range of core learning areas, which fulfil the Early Years Framework. Throughout each session, children are encouraged to listen to each other as we take their ideas on board. We'll always proceed at a pace everyone is comfortable with.

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Outdoor learning

Being outdoors has endless benefits for children’s physical development and motor skills, while allowing imaginations to run free and lasting bonds to be made. Emotional and social intelligence thrives as your child connects with the outside world and finds adventure out in the open. Our team will closely supervise these sessions at all times.

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Sleep & rest

Children can perform and feel at their best when they’ve been given the space and time to unwind. We set up special sleep areas to usher in peace and quiet at the most appropriate moment in the day, removed from any disruption. If your child has a sleep routine you would like us to keep to, just inform our team and we’ll be happy to do so.

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Pick up

Our handover process has been planned out thoroughly, so that each exciting day comes to a perfect end. We understand that time apart can make you feel like you’ve missed out, so we'll help to reassure you with a full update, as we’ll tell you all about your child’s day. As you and your child are reunited, you can ask us any questions about their development or specific needs.

Our teaching methods

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Purposeful play

Play isn’t just about taking a break. Your child won't miss a single opportunity to learn, with our valuable additional resources.

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Inspired learning

When your child expresses amazement and awe in learning, they truly remember the lessons they’re taught.

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Group sessions

Being together in this shared experience helps children to grow important skills, such as patience, respect, and empathy.

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