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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

Our goal is to make every child’s day as valuable as possible, every day. Our carefully-planned timetable provides everything they need for a fulfilling time with us. We carry out activities at a pace suited for each child’s abilities, in every age group. Our experienced and attentive nursery practitioners will see to your child’s needs throughout the day, ensuring they’re always happy and safe.

We’ll see to everything so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your child is taken care of. From handovers at pick-up and drop-off, to mealtimes, impactful learning and inspiring play, the experience at Morevilla is designed to optimise these early years as your child prepares for full-time education and learns about the world around them. Their development will be clear as they progress.

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Drop off

Mornings are an exciting time at Morevilla, as children arrive at the facility at different times and we welcome them in comfortably, seeing their anticipation for the day ahead. Before you leave your child in our care, your assigned key worker will be available to discuss anything that will influence their day, before you proceed with yours. This could include sleep-related issues or family news.

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Play time

Play time brings numerous rewards, as it not only stimulates imagination and curiosity, but helps children to communicate and to explore the world around them. Continuous provision means that the learning never stops, with high-quality resources provided. Activities include everything from outdoor play to games, drawing, singing and role play.

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Children will be served delicious and nourishing food for breakfast, dinner and tea, with healthy fruit snacks in between along with access to water and milk. Mealtimes also bring the opportunity to interact further with other children, so our key workers will sit with them and lead discussions. If your child has any dietary requirements, we’ll happily accommodate them.

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Our focused learning is designed to fulfil the core areas of the curriculum, while helping each child’s individual abilities to flourish. We encourage children to express themselves at all times and share ideas. Little ones will grow their knowledge in areas such as new shapes and colours, while older children can expand their communication skills, languages, numeracy, literacy and much more.

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Outdoor learning

Enjoying the great outdoors is so rewarding for children’s development, particularly as the world spends more time online. These pre-school years are vital for teaching children how to connect with the world and find wonder in nature. We facilitate this with regular play in our outside area, providing high-quality equipment and supervising them throughout every session.

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Sleep & rest

Children must gain adequate rest to make their learning as impactful as possible, as well as preserve their health and wellbeing. We provide cosy areas for rest, which are suited to each age and give a welcome break from the stimulation of the day’s goings-on. Your child will be ready to proceed with their next activities with refreshed enthusiasm and energy.

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Pick up

Each thrilling day is rounded off with a complete handover, which allows you to find out everything your child has done since you left. You’ll be given notes on their development, get an update on their behaviour and find out if they’ve formed new friendships. If you have anything you’d like to ask us, your child’s designated team member will again be available to answer questions.

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MiChild firmly believe that our curriculum is a driving factor in the outstanding results our children demonstrate. They always make us proud when they transition into the next stage of their educational journey, whether this is in the next room at nursery or moving on to primary school. A carefully considered schedule of extra-curricular activities is available at each of our settings are included in within the nursery fees at no additional cost * This ensures that our children have the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their skills into passions that can stay with them for life. The range of activities is endless and each setting has carefully selected those they feel will support your child’s learning and development to its full potential. The activities on offer include dance and yoga, language, sports and many more. * there are some activities such as swimming which may incur an additional charge

Our teaching methods

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Purposeful play

The value of play cannot be underestimated, with plenty of opportunities to learn in among all the fun and games.

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Inspired learning

When children express amazement at new discoveries, their passion for education is sparked. We promote wonder in learning.

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Group sessions

As children work and play together, listen to new ideas and share their experiences, key social and emotional skills blossom.

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