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Open Day, for Families and Staff Recruitment!

Here at Moorevilla Nursery

Saturday 3rd August, 10-1pm

Come down and take a look around our beautiful nursery.

We look forward to seeing you.

245 Midgeland Road

Mon to Fri
7:30am – 6pm

Ofsted good

We have a Good Ofsted rating.

Ofsted have said that children thrive in a happy and engaging environment. Knowledgeable staff support them as they participate in engaging experiences. Staff follow children's lead, which helps them stay engaged, interactions with children are of a high quality. The manager and leaders have implemented a strong curriculum, which meet the children's specific needs. Staff give the children the opportunity to make their own choices and follow their own curiosity, this gives children a sense of belonging. Partnership with parents is strong, through regular stay and plays and parents evenings. The manager and her team have high expectations for children, and is extremely passionate about children achieving the best possibly outcomes in their care and education.


Daynurseries logo

We are rated 10 by Day Nurseries.

We’re applauded by parents for our friendly, reassuring staff, open communication about children’s progress, and continual investment into the nursery. They love our outdoor area, the speed of children’s progression with us and the range of activities we lead each day.


Our goal is to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

We want children to make the most of their time with us, feeling inspired to explore their individual interests and develop their unique skills. Our team give them the confidence to express themselves and the support to grow their early academic abilities.


A day filled with activities and fun.

We want to create wonder and awe from drop-off through to pick-up. It’s our duty to help children be happy and healthy, feeling thrilled to see us and spend the day following their imaginations. We do this with a stimulating learning environment and exciting activities.

Food at Moorevilla Nursery

See what your child will eat at our Nursery.

Health & Safety

We take child safety very seriously.

Take a peek inside Moorevilla Nursery


We believe nurseries are more important than ever before.

The world is changing around us and as this impacts schools and further education, we want to preserve the innocence and purity of these formative years. This time is so influential on a children’s future, so we love to nurture social, emotional, physical and academic development. We help children to be healthy, happy and assured about their own capabilities.

It’s essential that we’re led by dedicated, passionate staff to help us achieve the best for your child. Our high standards are matched by people who are devoted to children in their care, sparking their enthusiasm for learning. We invest in continuing training for our employees, helping them to grow professionally and stay with us as we lead the way for the early years and childcare industry.

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