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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

We know that you want your child to enjoy their time at nursery. We help them to do just that at Hillside. We create a daily schedule which helps little personalities to thrive, with activities and learning which foster their growth and wellbeing. They’ll get the most out of every day, making new friends and finding out what more about the world.

We make each moment count, letting your child explore growing skills, early interests and an environment which stimulates wonder. You don’t have to worry about a thing, as they’ll be fully supervised at all times, fed nourishing meals and encouraged to develop at a pace which works for their own abilities and needs. We aim to help your child love every minute at nursery.

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Drop off

When you arrive, your assigned team member will be there to wish you both a good morning and welcome your child into the facility, ensuring that you’re both happy as you leave. You can let us know anything of importance to their day ahead if you wish, such as impacted sleep or exciting plans. We’ll then let you go about your day safe in the knowledge that your child is in for a wonderful day.

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Play time

We awaken children’s imaginations with play time enhanced by high-quality resources and equipment. These fun and creative sessions lets children’s emotional wellbeing, physical health and social skills prosper. We provide continuous provision so that your child can use play time to continue being inspired, nurturing areas which will promote their learning.

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The time to refuel and satisfy hunger brings more exciting experiences. Children can continue to interact with each other as they eat, as nursery workers sit alongside them to lead discussions. We’ll serve tasty meals such as seasonal soups and pasta bakes, with fruit snacks and milk provided too. There will also be cereals and toast at breakfast.

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We plan focused learning carefully to let children reach their full potential, paying attention to individual requirements and listening to their ideas and contributions as we go along. We cover core areas of the curriculum, so younger children might be learning new shapes and colours, while the older age group have the opportunity to start exploring subjects such as maths, languages and music.

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Outdoor learning

The time children spend in the great outdoors is crucial to their wellbeing, physical health, social skills and overall development. As the world becomes more disconnected in many ways, this time is precious. We allow them to spend plenty of time in our outdoor area, with resources and equipment to help them enhance their adventures.

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Sleep & rest

Children can become healthy and happy when they’ve had time to rest and relax. This period away from any stimulation and activity is crucial, helping to renew their enthusiasm for the day ahead and resetting their focus for learning. We set up dedicated sleep areas which are cosy and peaceful. We’re happy to keep to any existing routines.

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Pick up

At the end of a thrilling day, your child’s key worker will be available to provide a full overview of what they’ve been up to. You will hear all about what they’ve been doing, where they’ve developed and who they’ve made new connections with. You’re welcome to ask us any questions you may have. After that, we’ll leave you to return home with a happy and satisfied child.

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MiChild firmly believe that our curriculum is a driving factor in the outstanding results our children demonstrate. They always make us proud when they transition into the next stage of their educational journey, whether this is in the next room at nursery or moving on to primary school. A carefully considered schedule of extra-curricular activities is available at each of our settings are included in within the nursery fees at no additional cost * This ensures that our children have the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their skills into passions that can stay with them for life. The range of activities is endless and each setting has carefully selected those they feel will support your child’s learning and development to its full potential. The activities on offer include dance and yoga, language, sports and many more. * there are some activities such as swimming which may incur an additional charge

Our teaching methods

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Purposeful play

We think that play is just as valuable as formal education. Recreation is set up to be as rewarding as possible, every day.

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Inspired learning

We recognise that learning is at its best when children’s curiosity and awe for the world around them is stimulated.

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Group sessions

Children thrive on sharing experiences and communicating together. We facilitate ongoing conversation around our activities.

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