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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

We plan our daily schedule at Echoes to deliver the most memorable and rewarding experience for your child. This includes a schedule of activities which cover various curriculum areas, as well as play which will suit a range of different personalities and skills. We also plan in crucial sessions such as meal times, rest and even coordinated handovers with parents.

We’ll make sure each day goes as smoothly as possible. Our team of experienced nursery professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible care for each child. They help children to stay engaged throughout the day, encouraging them to interact with others and progress at a pace they’re comfortable with. By building their confidence, we let their individual strengths shine through.


Drop off

As you bring your child to us in the morning, we’ll be on hand to ensure a seamless handover. You can talk to their key worker before you leave if you wish to discuss anything, or let us know any points of note which could impact their day ahead. This could include a bad night’s sleep or something exciting which has happened, that we can talk about with your child or share with the group.

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Play time

Play time brings a range of thrilling activities. We set up our environment for meaningful play, which allows children to explore their imaginations and continue to thrive as individuals physically, socially and mentally. Continuous provision lets children follow their interests with additional resources, through which we can add value to recreation.



Children will be provided with drinks, meals and snacks to see them from the early morning through to home time. Our delicious and nutritious menu includes such recipes as pasta bake and casserole with vegetables. Your child will be fully supervised as they eat, with key workers facilitating continued socialising through ongoing interactions with other children.

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We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, which focuses on such areas of learning as communication and language, physical development, literacy, mathematics, arts and design and understanding the world. During our focused learning sessions, children will be encouraged to express themselves, grow their concentration, listen to others, share ideas and establish core skills.


Outdoor learning

Spending time outdoors is vital to children’s progress, in a world where face-to-face interaction is reducing. We schedule sessions for outdoor play and learning, to let children build crucial physical and social skills, discover things about the world and enjoy a sense of adventure of wonder.


Sleep & rest

Getting proper rest is crucial for your child’s health, particularly during an action-packed day of activities when they need to rebuild their energy. We provide comfortable areas for sleeping within the nursery, which usually takes place after lunch. If your child needs to sleep at a different time, just let us know and we’ll happily keep to this routine.


Pick up

At the end of an exciting day, we understand that you’ll want to know as much as possible about the events of your child’s time at nursery. When you arrive to pick them up, you will be given a full handover which details what they’ve been doing that day, how they’ve advanced, and other useful points. You can ask your child’s key worker anything else you’d like to hear about.

Our teaching methods


Purposeful play

We place a lot of value in play, as it can enhance learning in many ways by helping children to build crucial skills.


Inspired learning

When the learning experience sparks children’s curiosity and amazement, it allows creativity and imagination to prosper.


Group sessions

When children share experiences together, they learn crucial social skills, grow emotionally and form important connections.

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