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Free Entitlement!

Does your child turn 2, 3 or 4 between January 1st - 31st March 2024?

As you may be eligible to 15 or 30 hours FREE!

Especially with the new changes made to the 2 year funding, for all working parents.

Book your place now, as they are filling fast!

We look forward to seeing you.

Charles Street, City Centre
M1 7DG

Mon to Fri

7.30am - 6pm

Ofsted good

We have a good ofsted rating.

Ofsted have said Children are confident, safe and well behaved at this setting. They approach visitors with glee. Staff support children well. This is evident as children independently and securely explore their surroundings and return to familiar adults when they need support. Parents hold the nursery in very high esteem. They appreciate the guidance offered by the manager and her staff team. Parents report that they are very well supported and find communication to be one of the main strengths of the nursery. Above all, they state that they feel completely reassured that their children are safe and happy here. Children are well prepared for the next stages in their learning journeys.


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We are rated 10 by Day Nurseries.

We have numerous five-star ratings, with praise around the bonds our employees build and the range of activities we provide. Our regular, detailed reports on each child’s progress are well received, as well as our tailored support for individual needs.

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Our goal is to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

We let children participate in activities at a pace they’re comfortable with, while doing everything we can to support their development. We help them to benefit from endless opportunities for learning, as well as physical development, speech and social skills.

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A day filled with activities and fun.

Our daily schedule makes the most of every minute. We want children to create lasting memories and have fun while they learn and grow. We supervise all activity as they play indoors and outdoors, using our high-quality resources to get creative, messy and free.

Food at Echoes Nursery

See what your child will eat at our Nursery.

Health & Safety

We take child safety very seriously.

Take a peek inside Echoes Nursery

Mi Child at Echoes
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DSC 4610
Julia on pole
DSC 4940
DSC 4698
DSC 5018
Michael pouring a drink for Julia 2
Amal and Aqsa drawing
Freya and Daniel in the water
Janine and Leila
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Meet the manager

Zoe Hill

Hello, I’m Zoe and I’m the manager at Echoes nursery. I’ve been working in the childcare sector for 16 years, studying for some valuable certifications along the way. These include the Level 3 qualification in Childcare and Education, and the Level 4 qualification in Management. I love working with my team and planning how we can help every child we support to get the best start in life and learning. I’m proud of how our efforts are rewarded by seeing the fantastic children in our care flourish each day.

We believe nurseries are more important than ever before.

The formative years before school are crucial for helping children to develop key skills, which will carry them into full-time education with confidence. We help each child to progress in leaps and bounds, in valuable areas such as language, motor skills, academic abilities, social and emotional development. We provide every opportunity for them to thrive and be inspired by the world around them.

We understand that it can be nerve-wracking sending your children to nursery for the first time. Rest assured that we provide an exceptional learning environment, with high standards of care. We help children to make the best of these precious early years, with the best people taking care of their needs. Investment in our employees is vital to this, with unrestricted opportunities for staff training and development.

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