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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

At Beal Vale, each day is designed to let children thrive to the best of their abilities. Our timetable of activities and learning incorporates everything your child needs to get the most out of their precious pre-school years. Our highly-trained team of nursery professionals will help your child’s potential to be fully realised, while doing everything to make them comfortable and content at each stage.

We monitor each child’s progress at every stage, so that we can pay attention to particular areas where extra focus is needed. Similarly, we can help to nurture individual strengths and talents. From drop-off to pick-up, our goal is to keep your child safe, happy and fully enjoying their time with us. We love to see them excitedly tell you about what they’ve done at home time.


Drop off

When you drop your child off in the morning, we’ll help everything to go smoothly so that you can go about your day confidently. Every child’s designated key worker will be around to welcome them into the facility, ensuring that they’re ready for the day ahead and leaving you reassured. This is also your time to let us know anything of value for the day ahead, if you wish.


Play time

Play time at Beal Vale is always a rewarding experience. Our carefully-planned recreational sessions cater for each age group’s needs and interests. We supplement these with quality resources and facilities, allowing your child’s imagination to thrive. Play includes such activities as sports, games, reading, drawing, role play, outdoor time and messy creativity.



We make sure your child always eats well with us, with food which is both delicious and nutritionally balanced. Sample dishes include tagliatelle with vegetables and chicken pasta bake. Plus, we serve cereals and toast for breakfast. There are also fruit snacks and milk with meals.



We lead learning sessions built around the Early Years Framework, planned at optimal times. Our activities around the pre-school curriculum are tailored for each age group, helping children to constantly expand their knowledge and get to know their particular skills. We help children to progress in areas such as numeracy, literacy, communication, physical and social development.


Outdoor learning

It is important for children to spend time outdoors when possible, to develop in various ways. Our outdoor play area allows them to do this when the weather allows. As they approach full-time education, playing outside with others helps your child to interact in the world. It also promotes good physical health and mental wellbeing, as well as aiding their motor skills.


Sleep & rest

In these precious early years, children are at their best when they can get regular rest and function within a familiar schedule. We allow this to happen within our daily sleep and rest breaks, in a comfortable and cosy environment clear of any distractions for that allotted time. This would usually be after lunch, but we can gladly alter this if your child has a different routine


Pick up

At home time, we’ll provide you with a full picture of your child’s day. You’ll be informed on key activities, any changes in progress, their behaviour and anything else of note. During this handover, you can also take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We love to see children leaving happy and excited about what they’ve done that day, and we hope you do too.



We offer for parents a before and after school club, where your child is able to come to us before their school day starts and after it has finished. Your child will get a lovely breakfast before they start their day, and will receive a healthy snack after a busy day at school.

Our teaching methods


Purposeful play

Play time can make a huge impact on learning, with added value from helping to build confidence, social and emotional skills.


Inspired learning

In the right setting, learning can create magic and inspire curiosity, which will positively influence children’s development.


Group sessions

Children blossom when they make new connections, share experiences and learn how to interact with others.

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