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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

Your child will be able to thrive throughout a rewarding day at Village Nursery. Our environment is set up for a schedule of thrilling activities and meaningful learning. We have a highly-trained team who know how to deliver the best experience from morning to afternoon. They’ll guide children through with reassurance and encouragement, making sure they’re constantly protected.

Our timetable has been designed to let your child get the most out of their years leading up to school, which are so crucial to their development. We have a robust plan for each day which nevertheless allows flexibility to cater for individual needs and routines. Your child will be starting to explore their individual interests and skills, which we fully support throughout each session.

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Drop off

We want you to feel confident from the moment you drop your child off with us, so that there’s one less thing to worry about as your daily commitments continue. We’ve refined a drop-off process which allows children to confidently enter the group environment, which you will see is brimming with excitement for the day ahead. You can also talk to your child’s key worker before leaving.

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Play time

Play time is when children’s confidence and social skills get to flourish, as they make new friends, explore growing interests and develop emotionally, creatively and physically. We provide high-quality play areas and resources, so that your child’s imagination can run free. From reading to games, sports to painting, we’ve got it all – the fun starts here!

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This is when your child can refuel can take a moment to enjoy a delicious meal in the company of their newfound friends. We provide breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and drinks, which are scheduled at key intervals between learning and play. Meals are also an opportunity to socialise.

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We deliver impactful learning which adheres to the Early Years Framework, covering areas such as arts, mathematics, communication, literacy, language, social skills, physical and emotional development. Children are encouraged to share ideas in each session, and develop crucial skills in concentration and independent thought. We let each child learn at a pace they’re comfortable with.

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Outdoor learning

We appreciate what outdoor play can do for children. Spending regular time closer to nature, in the company of others, allows physical, emotional and social development to flourish. We fully supervise all of their adventures, games and discoveries, providing equipment and resources which enhance this experience. Being outdoors is great for their health too.

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Sleep & rest

When children are well rested, they’re much better equipped to view the world with excitement and learn to the best of their abilities. We provide cosy sleep areas which bring peace and quiet at key intervals, allowing time free from disruption before the next session. We often do this after lunch, but if your child has a routine you want us to stick to, just let us know.

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Pick up

We’ll provide a carefully-planned handover at the end of each day, so that you can find out everything we’ve been doing as you’re reunited with your little one. You can discover what your child has enjoyed, how they’ve progressed, and any new connections they’ve made. If you’d like to ask any questions, our key workers will be happy to answer them before you leave.

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MiChild firmly believe that our curriculum is a driving factor in the outstanding results our children demonstrate. They always make us proud when they transition into the next stage of their educational journey, whether this is in the next room at nursery or moving on to primary school. A carefully considered schedule of extra-curricular activities is available at each of our settings are included in within the nursery fees at no additional cost * This ensures that our children have the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their skills into passions that can stay with them for life. The range of activities is endless and each setting has carefully selected those they feel will support your child’s learning and development to its full potential. The activities on offer include dance and yoga, language, sports and many more. * there are some activities such as swimming which may incur an additional charge

Our teaching methods

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Purposeful play

Play time is about more than just letting off steam. It can add to the learning experience by helping core skills to flourish.

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Inspired learning

Learning can be fun and magical, so we do everything we can to ensure that your child’s curiosity is sparked.

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Group sessions

Children thrive when they’re in each other’s company, so we encourage them to share experiences and ideas together.

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