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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

Each day at Teddies is designed to be as memorable as possible. Our schedule of activities caters for an array of curriculum areas and interests, with our experienced team carefully overseeing each session. We let your child explore and learn at their own pace, helping to identify their strengths and talents. Our nursery professionals are always on hand to facilitate everything.

We’ve thought of everything to ensure that your child has the best day possible, making each session as seamless as it can be. It starts with an efficient drop-off process in the morning, through to perfectly-planned learning and play, finishing with a fully-informed handover at home time. You’ll be able to see for yourself how much your child has enjoyed their day and developed.


Drop off

When you arrive to drop off your child with us, their appointed key worker will be available to talk before directing them into the environment to start their day. If you’d like to go over anything that will help us to provide a valuable experience for them, feel free to raise it. This could include any sleep disturbances to be aware of or anything interesting which took place the day before.


Play time

Our play time activities stimulate children’s imagination in a variety of ways, within our exceptional environment. Continuous provision allows them to benefit fully from recreation, with our high-quality resources available to add value to each session. Your child can take part in activities such as role play, crafts, reading, sports, painting and much more.



Your child will be well fed and watered throughout the day, with breakfast, dinner, tea and snacks all provided. They can enjoy nutritious meals such as shepherd’s pie and pasta bake, with fruit snacks and milk available too. Our team of nursery professionals will sit with the children as they eat their food, enabling them to socialise and encouraging any interactions.



Our daily sessions help every age group to flourish, with focused learning based on the Early Years Framework. This covers everything from numeracy to literacy, communication, physical development and movement. The youngest children are taught new sounds, colours and words, for example, while older children can take part in such activities as dance, French lessons and reading.


Outdoor learning

The time your child spends outdoors promotes good mental and physical health. We help them to get the most out of outside play with equipment and resources they’ll love to explore. Being out in the open brings added opportunities for building social skills and running with their imagination.


Sleep & rest

Getting adequate rest is so important for your child’s health and enjoyment of each day. We provide cosy sleep areas, with allocated downtime for much-needed peace and quiet, gathering their strength for the next session. Children commonly prefer this time to be after lunch, but we can adapt to different needs if they have a schedule you’d like us to keep to.


Pick up

We want to help fill you in on everything you need to know at the end of each thrilling day. Your child’s designated key worker will be around to give you an update on the day’s events during your handover. They can inform you on any developments around progress, along with anything else of note. They’ll also answer any queries you might have. Your child’s excitement should tell you the rest!

Our teaching methods

P1 1

Purposeful play

The value of play is fully appreciated at Teddies, with activities which are rich in both fun and opportunities to learn.

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Inspired learning

We believe that learning should allow creativity and imagination to thrive, when curiosity is allowed to fully develop.


Group sessions

When children start to interact with each other at this young age, their nursery experience becomes deeply meaningful.

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