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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

At Sunbeams, we create a day of activities and learning that every child can flourish in. Our timetable covers all of their fundamental requirements, from education to play, rest to meal times. We’re proud of having a highly-qualified team who know how to help your child reach their full potential. They’ll lead your child carefully through each session, ensuring that they’re comfortable and happy.

We help your child to get the most from our schedule, by monitoring progress closely and adapting to different needs and abilities. As your child’s individuality starts to shine through, we encourage them to explore their interests and be proud of their unique strengths. We aim to send your child home feeling fulfilled and looking forward to their next exciting day with us.


Drop off

From the moment you leave your child with us, you’ll feel confident that we have everything in hand. Our morning drop-off process is seamless, with your child’s appointed team member ready to welcome them into the setting. If you have anything it would be worthwhile to tell us about which will be useful for your child’s day, we’d love to know. All you have to do is get on with your day.

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Play time

We make play time as valuable as formal learning, with structured sessions designed to bring out the best in each age group. Our facilities and resources provide limitless opportunities for your child to run with their imagination. Play can include anything from messy creativity to physical games and sports, role play to reading, drawing and painting sessions.

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Your child will be fully nourished in our care, with hearty home-cooked fare they’ll love to eat. Our menu includes tasty recipes such as quesadillas and casseroles, with cereals and toast for breakfast and fruit snacks provided too. Our meal times also let children interact and socialise.

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Our focused learning follows the Early Years Framework, with our educational sessions scheduled around play and rest throughout the morning and afternoon. Activities are delivered effectively according to each age group’s current stage of development. We cover communication, language, physical and emotional development, social skills, mathematics, arts and literacy.

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Outdoor learning

Time spent in the great outdoors is so important for children’s development, particularly in an increasingly online world. We oversee play time in our outside area when the weather allows, with resources and equipment which provide a truly valuable experience. Our outdoor learning promotes essential motor skills, social abilities and good physical health.

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Sleep & rest

Your child will stay healthy, happy and excited to learn by getting much-needed rest when they’re ready. We set up comfortable sleep areas where they can benefit from peace and quiet, so that they can wake up ready for what the next session brings. This may be after lunch, or if you’d prefer a different time for rest, we’re happy to follow that to help keep their normal routine.

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Pick up

When you arrive to pick up your child, you’ll be able to receive a full update on their activities that day, along with any information around their development. Your handover works both ways, so if you have any questions or points you’d like to discuss, feel free to raise them. The proof is in your child’s happiness, so you’ll know from them that we’re doing our best for them.

Our teaching methods


Purposeful play

The merit of play time is fully embraced with our scheduled recreational sessions, which add value to every moment of fun.


Inspired learning

We stimulate curiosity with every area of learning. Your child’s passion flourishes when they’re in awe of their environment.


Group sessions

As well as helping your child to grow as an individual, it’s crucial to let them thrive in sharing experiences with others.

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