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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

Every day at nursery should be rewarding – at Smart Start, we make this our main priority. Our schedule of daily activities has been put together with a range of needs, personalities and abilities in mind. We help your child to get maximum enjoyment and learn as much as possible during their time with us. This ultimately helps them to approach their school years with confidence.

Our experienced team will guide each age group through their sessions, looking after their safety and happiness at all times. We’ve thought of everything from a seamless drop-off process in the morning, to a full handover at the end of the day. Your child will be well fed with nutritious meals and snacks, and we make time for rest too. Each day consists of an ideal blend of teaching, play and full care.


Drop off

All good days start with a positive morning routine, so we help to make this happen for both you and your child. When you drop them off in the morning, your assigned nursery practitioner will be on hand to ensure your child is comfortable and ready to start their day with us. This is also when you can take the opportunity to inform us of anything which will be relevant to your child's day ahead.


Play time

We truly believe in the power of play. Harnessing your child’s potential can be done in ways which aren’t always about structured learning. In fact, the magic really happens when their imaginations are free to run wild. Our team will supervise at all times, as we provide resources to spark your child’s curiosity within our specially-designed play areas.



Your child will be at their best when they’re well nourished. Mealtimes also allow all-important interaction. Our sample menu includes delicious dishes such as pork and apple casserole. We serve breakfast cereals and toast too, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about in the morning. For ongoing sustenance throughout the day, we also provide healthy snacks.



All of our learning is grounded in the Early Years Framework, with the key areas delivered in a way which is impactful for each age group. We plan morning and afternoon activities to help your child develop in the most effective way for their needs. We want to help them grow their understanding of the world and the curriculum, from numbers to language, communication to movement.


Outdoor learning

The value of being outdoors is becoming increasingly apparent to all of us, as everyone spends more time online and methods of interaction change. We let your child see the wonder of the world outside, with play out in the fresh air firmly a part of our schedule. This could involve playing physical games and sports, digging in sand pits or splashing around in summer!


Sleep & rest

Downtime is just as important as play and learning. We create a comfortable space for your child to get the rest they need, to promote good health and wellbeing. This lets them gather energy for the next thrilling session, helps them to stay focused on learning and has them feeling their best. Our rest times are flexible so let us know if your child has a routine you’d like us to stick to.


Pick up

We know how important it is to find out what your child’s been doing while you’ve been apart. We’ll give you a full overview of their day, updating you on their progress, letting you know how they’ve behaved and what new connections they’ve made. We can also help to put your mind at rest with any questions you may have. Then we wave goodbye as your child excitedly tells you the rest!

Our teaching methods


Purposeful play

No play time is wasted time. All of our recreational sessions provide additional opportunities to learn something new.


Inspired learning

A child’s biggest asset is their imagination. Our teaching encourages them to fully explore their awe for the world around them


Group sessions

Communication between children is a wonderful thing, as they find their place in the world and learn to interact with others.

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