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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

Your child’s time at Meadow Nursery is carefully planned to let them flourish, allowing the magic to happen within our supportive environment. We’ve created a daily timetable covering everything from pick-up to drop-off, mealtimes, sleep and rest, play time and formal education. We cater to different needs, letting each child develop at their own pace.

We remove any possible element of friction from early years education and care, allowing your child to feel their best, protecting their welfare at all times and facilitating smooth handovers at the start and end of the day. Our exceptional team of nursery workers are highly-trained in delivering the best possible experience for all children, helping them approach school with confidence.

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Drop off

From the moment they arrive in the morning, your child will be made to feel as comfortable as possible and so will you. Their designated key worker will be available to see them through and ensure that they’re ready for the day’s events. If you have anything you want to tell us about your child before you leave, such as a bad sleep or exciting plans, we’d love to know about it.

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Play time

Play time involves all manner of thrilling activities. We have indoor and outdoor areas set up for rewarding adventures, independent and group play, and nurturing individual interests and talents. These sessions are about more than just fun, as children can grow their confidence, learn social skills and learn all kinds of lessons. Our quality resources help to enhance play.

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One of the best parts of any day! We let children fuel energy, satisfy little appetites and continue to interact during breakfast, dinner and tea. Our team will sit with them to lead discussions so that they can socialise at the table. They’ll be served delicious dishes like pork and apple casserole, chicken pasta bake and fish fingers. Healthy fruit snacks will be given out too.

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Our learning satisfies the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, so your child’s educational needs are firmly covered. For younger ones, this can involve learning new shapes, sounds and words, while the older age groups can develop their numeracy, literacy, languages, music and communication skills, and much more. We encourage their input throughout.

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Outdoor learning

Children’s physical, mental and social skills are able to thrive in outdoor play. As society spends more time online, these early years are crucial for experiencing outside adventures and interactions, connecting with nature and the wider world. We supervise this at all times.

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Sleep & rest

Just like us, your child will be at their best and get the most from every experience when they’re well-rested. Getting adequate downtime is so important in these early years, so we set up cosy and peaceful sleep areas to help facilitate this. They can then go into the next phase of activity with refreshed energy and focus, ready for what new learnings this will bring.

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Pick up

When you pick your child up at the end of the day, their appointed team member will be on hand once again to talk you through how they’ve got on. We’ll tell you all about their adventures, any notes on progression, what they’ve been taught and who they might have bonded with. If you have any questions before you leave, we’ll gladly answer them. When parents are happy, we’re happy.

Our teaching methods

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Purposeful play

Children’s development is enhanced by valuable play time, with resources to help them continue learning.

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Inspired learning

Our aim is to spark children’s curiosity and inspire them throughout the day. We show them the wonder of education.

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Group sessions

When children spend time together, they start to really grow as human beings, growing social and emotional skills.

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