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An inspirational environment starts with the perfect schedule.

We aim to make every day rewarding for each and every child. We achieve this by designing a timetable which meets their own unique needs, allowing the magic to happen as your child moves through each session and lets their unique strengths shine through. Our nursery practitioners are fully trained in delivering the most impactful learning and activities for each age group.

We’ll take care of everything your child needs to have a happy, memorable day, from handovers at pick-up and drop-off, to mealtimes and rest. All you have to do is go about your day safe in the knowledge that your child is in good hands. At the end of their day, you’ll see how they reap the benefits of our exceptional learning environment, making new friends and picking up valuable skills.



We aim to help make your mornings go as smoothly as possible, with a familiar friendly face always ready and waiting to greet you and your child at drop-off. Your child’s assigned key worker will be on hand, where possible, to go over anything you wish to discuss. We’d love to hear about anything relevant to their day ahead, such as a bad night’s sleep or exciting plans the previous day.


Play time

There are endless benefits to our activities at play time, which help to spark your child’s imagination. We call this continuous provision, with opportunities to play both indoors and outdoors, taking part in creative and messy activities, role play, reading and much more. Our nursery practitioners will carefully set up each area and provide access to our resources.

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We’ll always serve your child home-cooked food, such as vegetable lasagne and cottage pie. We also give out snacks including fruit and yoghurt.

As well as nourishing your child and fuelling their day, mealtimes are a chance for socialising. Our nursery practitioners encourage this by sitting with the children to lead and encourage discussions.



We lead both morning and afternoon focused learning, with specific activities planned to meet the development needs of each child in their key group.

Activities for our youngest children include learning new words and sounds, while pre-school activities include letter and number formation. We also offer additional activities and lessons such as French, dance and sports.

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Outdoor learning

Your child will get to enjoy the great outdoors too, with supervised play time and activities such as construction, sand pits and water games.

Outdoor play aids children’s physical and creative development, grows their social skills and nourishes their mental wellbeing. There’ll be designated hours for different groups, so that each child has ample time.


Sleep & rest

Rest is important for your child’s health and wellbeing. Our sleep areas are always cosy and comfortable, with designated spaces to enjoy peace and quiet.

While children often like to sleep after lunch, we keep rest times flexible to work around each child’s own preferences and needs. If you have a preferred routine for your child’s rest, we’re happy to follow this.

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At the end of each exciting, productive day, we’ll always give you an update on your child’s progress. Our teams will provide a full handover during pick-up.

We will communicate everything they’ve done during the day, from activities to learning and free play. We'll also talk through their general development and how they’ve behaved that day, along with anything else of note.

Our teaching methods


Purposeful play

We embrace the value of play, by encouraging activities which, as well as being fun, have plenty of learning opportunities.


Inspired learning

The most magical kind of learning sparks awe and wonder. We inspire children to be wonderfully creative and imaginative.


Group sessions

Interaction with other children is vital to their development. We’ll help them to communicate, share and work together.

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