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The Day

An inspirational environment.

At Romiley out of school club, we want your child to make lasting memories. We plan activities that are beneficial to enjoy their time they have with us. Our highly-qualified team will ensure that your child is safe and comfortable throughout each sessions. Our nursery professionals know how to help get the best out of every moment.

Sessions with us is enhanced by valuable learnings, interactions and resources, so we plan out every session carefully to let everything take place seamlessly. We have an efficient drop off and pick up system, where parents are able to pass on any messages, and are told on pick up anything that has been passed on from school.

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Drop off

As you bring your child into the breakfast club, a staff member will be available to oversee their arrival. You can let them know anything which will impact your child’s day, whether positively or negatively. For example, if they’re a little more tired than usual or if something exciting happened at home. The staff member will then relay this information onto school.

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Play time

The value of fun to learning cannot be underestimated, with a variety of different types of play. These sessions are designed to allow children’s imagination to flourish, while also adding educational value through the resources we provide. Play time also helps physical and emotional development, creativity, reading skills, sporting and musical abilities, and plenty more.

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We will serve your child a lovely breakfast before their school day starts and a healthy snack after their busy day. Your child has a wonderful opportunity to interact with others as they eat, which will be facilitated by staff members sitting alongside.

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Outdoor learning

Children love to feel a sense of adventure in connecting with the world around them, and outdoor play helps them to do exactly that. They will thrive in our outside area, where learning meets play by promoting physical development, social skills, independence and confidence.

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Pick up

We know there are so many questions when you’re away from your child for the day, so we’ll tell you everything you need to know at home time. A staff member will oversee a handover and give you a full update. If you have any queries, don’t be afraid to ask.

Our teaching methods

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Purposeful play

We appreciate the value of play, which is at its most impactful when learnings cross over into children’s education.

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Inspired learning

When children are truly inspired by learning, they are in awe of their environment and their creativity and imagination thrives.

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Group sessions

Interacting with other children teaches the value of listening, empathy, sharing, emotional connection and self-expression.

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